PS102-IRGM-NB-BT27 : Parking Space Detection IR plus Geomagnetic NBIoT Sensor


    Parking Space Detection IR plus Geomagnetic NBIoT Sensor

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    The PS102-IRGM-NB-BT27 Dual-detection parking occupancy sensor can accurately detect the occupancy status of parking space(s) by dual IR and Geomagnetic sensors. When a vehicle pulls into or out through the parking space, the sensor reports status via NBIoT wireless technology to the ThingsMaster OTA platform. The sensor is powered by 27000mAh battery and can work for 2-3 years depending on work mode. The enclosure is IP67 weather protected with 5-ton pressure test. Operation temperature is from -40~80C with UV/High/Lo temperature aging test 5 years. The accuracy can reach 97%. There are also higher accuracy dual Laser/Geomagnetic and dual Radar/Geomagnetic parking sensor for 98%, 99% accuracy. The PS102 series are ideal for Smart Parking System Solution.


    Detection TechnologyInfraRed + Geomagnetic
    Detection ObjectParking occupancy algorism
    InstallationSurface mount
    *Underground by option
    Dimension(D)150 x (H)39 mm
    AgingUV/Hi-Low Temperature 5 years
    WirelessNBIoT (B1/3/5/8/20/28), 1 SIM
    Cloud ProtocolCoAP
    Pressure Test5 tons
    Application PlatformThingsMaster OTA
    Operating Temperature-40 to 80°C
    Power SupplyIndustrial battery 27000 mAh
    Battery Life2-3 years(Power Saving Mode 5 sec)



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