ICP DAS I-7521 CR : Converter/1 RS-485 to 1 RS-232

Intelligent Communication Controller with one RS-485 port and one RS-232/RS-485 port

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  • Built-in “Addressable RS-485 to RS-232 Converter” firmware
  • Support about 30 well-defined commands
  • Support Dual-Watchdog commands
  • Support Power-up value & safe value for DO
  • The firmware can real-time monitor the onboard DI and control the onboard DO according to user’s requirement
  • The firmware can real-time monitor the RS-232 device and control the onboard D/O according to user’s requirement
  • Watchdog timer provides fault tolerance and recovery
  • Low power consumption
  • R.O.C. Invention Patent No. 086674, No.103060, No. 132457


Data sheet : I-752N Series