ICP DAS MDC-211-ZT : concentrator developed by ICP DAS, with Ethernet, ZigBee Wireless

    ZigBee Modbus data concentrator with 1xRS-485, 1xRS-232, 1xLAN, IEEE 802.11, ZigBee 2.405GHz/ 2.48GHz, 11dBm/12.59mW (FCC) (max. 19 dBm/79.43mW)

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    • ISM 2.4 GHz Operating Frequency(IEEE802.15.4/ZigBee Pro)
    • Wireless Transmission Range up to 700 m (Default)
    • Supports the Modbus RTU Master and Slave
    • Upgrade Modbus/RTU Devices with Ethernet Communication Ability
    • Accelerate the Reading of Multiple Modbus/RTU Devices
    • Supports Execution of up to 240 Modbus Polling Commands
    • Supports up to 9600 Modbus Registers for each DI/DO/AI/AO
    • Supports Friendly Web UI Configuration
    • Easy System Backup and Copy with .CSV file
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    MDC-211-ZT CRZigBee Modbus data concentrator with 1 x Ethernet, 1 x RS-232 and 1 x RS-485 (RoHS)


    Data sheet : MDC-211-ZT