ICP DAS DN-8468FB CR : Daughter Board/PISO-PS400/FUJI

Daughter board (wiring terminal board) for FUJI motor driver, Din-Rail mountable

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The DN-8468 series is a daughter-board that is designed for ICP DAS’s 4-axis motion controllers, such as I-8094, I-8094F, I-8094A, I-8094H and PISO-PS400. And they are for different motor drivers, such as general purpose usage, Mitsubishi and Panasonic motor amplifier. It is a not only a screw terminal board for easy connection of signals; it also provides onboard isolating circuitry to protect the controllers. Interface signals are divided into four groups. Each group corresponds to a single axis and contains the necessary pulse output command lines, encoder feedback lines, special purpose inputs (Home, near home, limit-switches) and a servo-enable output. Terminal connectors are used for easy wiring purpose. Users can interchange connectors to interchange each axial definition without laborious rewiring. This board also contains onboard power module which provides different voltages for other onboard circuitry. And this power module accepts wide range input power (20 ~ 26 VDC).

  • High Speed Photo-coupling Isolated.
  • Supporting Pulse Command Type Step Motors or Servo Motors.
  • Providing Power LED and Other Status LEDs (Home, Limit Switches, …)
  • Providing FRnet Terminal for High-speed Serial I/O Expansion when the Controller Supports FRnet.


Data sheet : DN-8468FB



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