ICP DAS GW-7433D-G CR : Gateway/CANopen Master/Modbus TCP/RTU/RS232

Modbus/TCP server to CANopen master Gateway

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  • Follow the CiA CANopen Standard DS-301 v4.02
  • Support Modbus RTU for COM1(RS-232) and COM2(RS-485)
  • Allow Max 5 Modbus TCP clients to access GW-7433D simultaneously
  • Provide listen mode. The function can let the GW-7433D monitor the CANopen slave data without bothering the CANopen network
  • Support Node Guarding and Heartbeat Consumer protocol
  • Support more than 120 CANopen SDO/PDO commands
  • Support 4 data types: Boolean、Byte、Word、Double Word (4-byte)
  • Provide the cyclic mode and command mode for RxPDO
  • Provide the CANopen disconnection detection
  • On-line add/remove CANopen slaves
  • Allow to get the CAN status by Modbus commands
  • Allow to get the communication states of the CANopen slave and GW-7433D by Modbus commands
  • Allow to reset CANopen slaves by Modbus commands
  • Support 3072 DI channels, 3072 DO channels, 640 AI channels, and 640 AO channels


CAN Bus Gateway



Data sheet : GW-7433D



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