ICP DAS I-9093 : Encoder Counter/3-axis/Compare Trigger Output

3-axis High-speed Encoder Module with Compare Trigger Output (RoHS)

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I-9093 includes 3-axis encoder with compare trigger output function. It can generate a periodic trigger signal when the motor reaches a specified position. The specified position is called a breakpoint and is similar to a switch that is triggered after the motor passes a certain position. To use the compare trigger output function, you have to set an initial point (P) and a trigger period of the following points (D).

The trigger signal is an I/O line that can be used to fire another device. For example, when a motor reaches a certain position, the trigger signal can be used to fire the shutter of a camera to capture an image for the defect detection.

All operations of position compare and trigger pulse output are automatically done by the hardware circuit. There is no software calculation effort when the system is operating. I-9093 makes the system design simpler, and significantly increases the system performance

  • 3-axis, 32-bit Encoder Counter
  • Maximum Counting Rate: 6 MHz
  • Encoder Input: A, B, C Differential
  • Encoder Mode: Quadrant, CW/CCW, PULSE/DIR
  • Compare Trigger Output
  • Selectable Reset/Latch Signal Inputs
  • 4 kV ESD Protection


Data sheet : I-9093



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