IS101-FL-NB-BT8 : Fill Level Ultrasonic NBIoT Sensor

    Fill Level Ultrasonic NBIoT Senso

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    EThe IS101-FL-NB-BT8 is a wireless fill-level sensor by ultrasonic detection for waste bins, postboxes, tanks, or containers. The sensor reports real-time status such as fill-in level, or temperature, or bent angle data via NBIoT wireless to the ThingsMaster OTA or customer own OTA platform by CoAP protocol with secured data encryption. The global NBIoT band is supported with B1/3/5/8/20/28. The sensor is powered by 8000mAh battery and can work for 2-3 years depending on work mode. The ABS enclosure is IP66 weather protected. Operation temperature is from -20~70C. The Fill-Level sensor can be easily attached to any type of container or tank to monitor solids and liquids level. Together with the cloud platform, it enables cities and logistics companies to increase their operational efficiency by up to 80%.


    Detection TechnologyUltrasonic
    Detection ObjectSolid or Liquid Level
    Detection Range15~200cm
    InstallationMount on Container Cover or Side
    Dimension(D)115 x (H)50 mm
    WirelessNBIoT (B1/3/5/8/20/28), 1 SIM
    Cloud ProtocolCoAP
    Application PlatformThingsMaster OTA
    Operating Temperature-20 to 70°C
    Power SupplyIndustrial battery 8000 mAh
    Battery Life3 years(6 transmission times/day)



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